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CNT craigslist app
    – notification


Step 1

1. Go to main page.
2. Press menu button of your phone (or press inverted triangle button at the right upper corner).
3. Menu will appear at the bottom of the screen. Press Setting (wrench icon).
4. Pop-up menu will appear on the screen. Select notification options.
5. Press SET when you are done.

Step 2

1. Go to Saved Search list.
2. Press and hold a saved search title.
3. Select On Notification from pop-up menu.
4. Repeat step 2 for another saved search title you want to turn notification on.

CNT craigslist app
    – advanced search

Advanced Search

Phrase Search

You can use quotation marks to search for a phrase:

“low miles”

Excluding Terms (filtering)

honda black -red

This search finds postings that have ‘honda’ and ‘black’ but not ‘red’.

“OR” Searches

honda | toyota

This search finds postings that have ‘honda’ or ‘toyota’ (or both).


You can group terms together in parenthesis when queries are complicated:

red (toyota | honda) -2000 -2001

This finds listings that have ‘red’ and either ‘honda’ or ‘toyota’ (or both) but do not have 2000 or 2001.


hond* civ*

match “honda civic”, “honda civil”, etc.

wood floo*

matches “wood floors,” “wood flooring”, etc.


matches “iphone,” “ipones,” “iphone5,” etc.

Use 2 or more characters before the * and none following it, e.g. “ip*d” will not work

source: craigslist help – advance search